360 Videos
Updated 2 February 2024
360º videos have a distinctive advantage over a slide show of static photographs in that they provide a greater sense of place and action. 360º videos attract and draw more attention than static images , especially when those dynamic images are also interactive using a mouse to zoom in out, pan left and right, and tilt the image of the video up and down.

On 3 January 2024 I purchased an Insta360 ONE RS 1-inch edition camera to develop 360º videos which can be uploaded to and viewed from a suitable platform such as YouTube. I use the Insta360 Studio 2023 for Windows app to export a 360º  video and the free version of VideoPad Video Editor to edit the 360º  video.

I have uploaded my 360º videos to YouTube to enable viewing over the Internet using a variety of browsers. Sometimes the initial few seconds of 360º video are fuzzy. If this should prove to be a problem, then either click the direct link or download the zip file of the 360º video, unzip it, and play it with looping.
Tunnel Beach Dunedin 
(Zip File)  (Direct YouTube Link)