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Website updated 16 February 2020
In July 2013 I closed down my business website IJBRC Electronic Publications in which I promoted Virtual Tours, Virtual Objects, Dashboards, and E-Learning. I then transferred some of these projects to this website which is a personal blog on my interests and activities.

In October 2015 my interests and activities returned to undertaking research on issues of sustainability. I subsequently added a Sustainability and a Research section to this website. The Sustainability section grew topsy-turvy over the next year or so to the extent that in March 2017 I transferred both the Sustainability section and the related Research section to a new website.

One of my life-time activities, apart from swimming, running, and playing tennis which I still do on a regular basis, has been playing the chromatic harmonica. My DM48 Digital Chromatic Harmonica (MIDI Wind Controller) arrived in late April 2017. This website now includes a diary of my experiments with setting up my DM48 Digital Harmonica, Digital Audio Workshop (DAW), and VST patches. My DM48 Music section also includes examples of my progress in playing. On 18 September 2019 I added a diary of my artwork.

Ivan M. Johnstone

New Zealand